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No Vessel Discharge Areas

Remember, it is illegal to discharge untreated boat sewage into any of California's lakes, rivers, reservoirs, or coastal waters within the three-mile U.S. territorial limit.



In addition, there are 11 federal "No Discharge" Areas in California where the discharge of any untreated or treated boat waste is prohibited:

  • Lake Tahoe

  • Mission Bay

  • San Diego Bay - Less than 30 feet mean lower low water

  • Oceanside Harbor

  • Dana Point Harbor

  • Upper and Lower Newport Bay

  • Sunset Aquatic Park (Sunset Bay) Inland of Pacific Coast Highway Bridge

  • Huntington Harbor

  • Channel Islands Harbor

  • Avalon Bay Harbor

  • Richardson Bay

Typical Type III MSD

The most popular of all MSD is the holding tank that is mounted within the hull of the boat.